Case Study 30 Balconies and Box Gutters at a Commercial Building, Gordon, Sydney

We were called upon to install a Bitumen membrane system to the balconies and box gutter of the top floor of this commercial building in Gordon.

Despite the difficulty in laying torch-on membrane in the box gutter in confined areas as well as the balconies, we got the desired result on time.

The balconies and box gutters were leaking into the offices through the old failed bitumen sheet stick-on waterproof membrane which existed under the pavers.

After removing the pavers we were able to assess what was needed for a suitable substrate for the new membrane with the most economic solution which would still be effective.

It was determined to clean up and dispose of any old membrane that was loose or had been affected by the water ingress.

The rest of the existing membrane was compatible with the bitumen membrane sheet and became part of the waterproofing system.

This saved time and labour that would have been spent on removing and disposing of the membrane while still providing an effective solution.

Ardex WPM 180 3.5mm APP Bitumen waterproof membrane was torch-applied to the substrate after priming. WPM 185 mineral coated APP membrane was installed as the top layer which allows light traffic and can withstand the elements. This system specified by Ardex Australia is best suited to handle the effects of weather extremities on this part of the building.

Case Study Photo Case Study Photo

Case Study Photo

Case Study Photo Case Study Photo